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Updated: 1-21-2018

NOTE: Courses expire 3 years after they were last presented. We will confirm if the course is still available when you submit for a course offering.

Important: To give CE please use FAHU's CE Course Offering Request Form or Contact CE Chair.

To download a printable list of CE courses available through FAHU please click HERE.

Course Name Hours Course ID # Instructor Choice* PowerPoint
on file?
A Lifetime of Dental Care 1 77937 R Yes
An Apple A Day 1 73561 O No
An Update on Challenging Health Insurance Issues 1 54288 O No
Defined Contribution: What it Means and What Are Employers Options 1 93231 O Yes
Dental Benefits in the Affordable Care Act 2 86716 R No
DOL/ERISA Audits What They Are & What Employers Can Expect 2 89375 R No
Ethics 3 66047 O Yes
Evaluating Group Dental Plans 1 66222 R No
Florida Five Hour Law and Ethics - Update 2018 (CE 5-215) - NEW 5 102750 O Yes
Focusing on Benefits Technology - NEW 1 101137 O No
Health Insurance Exchange 1 79526 O No
Health Savings Accounts - Current Applications and Uses for Individuals & Employers 2 100737 O Yes
Health Savings Accounts - NEW 1 101550 O No
Healthy Kids 1 68936 R No
Helping Your Clients Understand Their Long Term Care Planning Options - NEW 1 102018 O Yes
How Long Term Care, Medicare & Employer Plans Go Hand in Hand - NEW 1 101084 O Yes
Hybrid Life & Annuity Based Long Term Care Policies 1 75444 O Yes
Insurance Options for Long Term Care Planning - NEW 1 98113 O Yes
IRS Safe Harbor Affordability  1 94223 O Yes
Large Employer Group Health: "The Mystery of the Blank Slate" 2 99064 O Yes
Level Funding and Self Funding- NEW 1 93280 O No
Long Term Care, 4hr NAIC 2015 Update (Clear Cert Certified) 4 91823 O Yes
Long Term Care, 4hr NAIC Ongoing Training (Clear Cert Certified) 4 67936 O Yes
LTC Partnership 4 HR - NEW 4 97424 O Yes
LTC Planning: An Evolving Landscape- NEW 1 97948 O Yes
Marketing and Compliance in the Medicare Market- NEW 1 96484 O Yes
Medical Advocate 1 76882 R Yes
NAHU Legislative Program/A Federal Update 1 51335 O No
NAHU Political and Policy Update - NEW 1 96474 O No
PEO Industry 3 69737 R Yes
PEO Industry and Effects of Health Care Reform 3 76299 R Yes
Reducing Health Care Costs with Yoga and Meditation (webcast/classroom) - NEW

Secrets of Medicare History 1 92902 O No
Secure your Social Security Through Knowledge 1 93019 O Yes
Self-Funding 101 1 100062 O No
The Changing Tide of Long Term Care Insurance 2 93737 O Yes
The Effects of Stress on Health Care Costs 1 69167 R Yes
The Forecast for Dental 1 95708 R No
The Long Term Care Crisis in America: Using Life Settlements to Fund LTC 2 85087 O No
The Looming Crisis of Long Term Care: What Every Advisor Needs to Know - NEW 1 103094 O Yes
The New Age of LTC Planning: Traditional LTC vs. Hybrid Life & Annuity LTCI 2 82023 O Yes
The New Healthcare Markets 2 78237 R No
The ROI of Dental and Vision Insurance - NEW 1 96384 O No
The Three myths of a Single Payer Health Care Delivery System 1 60242 O Yes
The Who, What Where of Long Term Care 2 90901 O Yes
Voluntary Benefits: An Important Seat at the Benefits Table 2 79354 O No
What Direction Health Care Reform/Legislative Update 1 72795 O No
Worksite Long Term Care Insurance 1 57407 O Yes

* Contact CE Chair if instructor for a course is listed as "R" (restricted).

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