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While some hoped the Supreme Court would derail this crazy train, and still others banked on the election changing its course, it is clear that not only has this train left the station, it is moving full-speed down the track.
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Justices back foundation of Affordable Care Act
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The Obama administration gave states extra time to set up new health insurance exchanges  Friday, three days after President Barack Obama's re-election ensured the survival of health care reform.
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NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. -- Today Susan Voss (Iowa Commissioner) the outgoing President of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) announced that Commissioner Kevin McCarty will officially ascend to the NAIC presidency effective January 1, 2012. Commissioner McCarty will continue to serve as President-Elect of the NAIC through 2011. "It is an honor and privilege to be elevated by my colleagues and to this leadership role," remarked Commissioner McCarty, "Over the next year we must confront several important challenges. Whether it is Dodd-Frank or the Affordable Care Act,...
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A Fantasy Communication From the Government to the Consumer
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Health care reform has a lot of people in the health care industry on edge, worried about how the changes will affect their livelihoods and bottom line. Below, the head of the association of health underwriters gives her pitch, and it's a convincing one, for why insurance agents are essential in helping consumers navigate a complicated system of care. Give it a read and add your perspective in the comment section under the column. If you have an opinion to share on a topical health-related issue, e-mail it to nbrochu@tribune.com. - Nicole Brochu
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