Florida Association of Health Underwriters
FAHU Strategic Planning Meeting 6/5/2010

In attendance: Kimberly Auclair, Dave Sherrill, Vicky Major-Bell, Barbara Rennard, David Gentry, Tonya Draughon, Michele Liro, Jim Burkett, Don Marx, Laurie Anderson, Don Bennett, Dale Maloney, Heidi Bushko, Mary Liz Schwartz, Wayne Sakamoto, Steve Israel, Jennifer Wenke, Barbara Coggins, Brian Knauer, Carter Murray, Frank Harris, Carol Taylor

Facilitator: Blake Watts - Here as an outsider with no emotional connections.
  • First job as a leader is succession planning.  Who will follow you?
  • Today is about goals; not ideas.
  • All great ideas must come with who, what, where, when and why.

Vision & Mission
  • Protect role of the agent
  • Education and development
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Discussion of requiring agents to join. 125,000 licensed life & health agents in Florida. How many are FAHU prospects?
  • Should goal be about increasing bank draft participation? -best for retention.Make-up of current membership:  65% agents, 18% carrier staff, 7% GA/TPA, 7% worksite agents, 3% other.
Stretch goal = Net Gain of 5%
Goal = Net Gain of 2%
  • Who are we?
  • What is our elevator speech? 
  • Benefits: credibility, representation, resources, professional development, support.
New Agent's Advisory Group - Do we want to push this?
  • Vicky will chair, Brian will Vice-Chair
  • Need a committee
  • Liaisons and mentor program
  • Funds/budget
  • Roadmap to the new agents
  • Commitment at chapter level
  • Utilize them as resourses
  • Mentoring through CE program
  • Ethics
  • Time management
  • Product
Ways and Means
  • Summit, Symposium, dues
  • Education
  • Raffle
  • Pacebutler - cell phone recycling
  • Website sponsorships
  • Sponsorships for all FAHU meetings
  • Carrier directory
  • Merchandising - credit card, FAHU products
  • Foundation (long term) -Don Marx, Dave Gentry, Kimberly Auclair
  • Fit challenges - active.com
  • Local chapters - day for legislators
  • State facilitate local leg conferences
  • Create a counselors license with a tie to FAHU required for brokers to accept a consulting fee with or without a commission.
  • Reduced CE requirements for members.
  • Regulatory work - mandate studies: partner with FSU
  • FAHU school. School board - ensure that it is correctly linked to FAHU.
  • Online courses, Brainshark, YouTube
  • Speakers bureau
  • Facebook
  • Speak with OneVoice "Reminders"
  • Twitter
  • Blog
  • live chat
  • Google groups
  • LinkedIN
  • Jigsaw
  • Florida Underwriter
  • Working with the media
  • TV/radio
  • Newsletter
  • Board announcements, press releases
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